Entertaining, High Quality Visual Effects and Film Making Tutorials

I took some time to prepare a YouTube channel trailer to introduce Surfaced Studio and what it is all about: to provide entertaining, high quality visual effects and film making tutorials!

High Quality Visual Effects and Film Making Tutorials!

The Surfaced Studio YouTube channel has been growing steadily over the last year and I've breached the 20k subscriber mark a little while ago. Excited to slowly be on the march to 100k subs (someday!), I have built the channel up to provide you with well organised After Effects, VFX and Film Making tutorials.

The Surfaced Studio YouTube channel page is divided into different sections and all VFX tutorials are organised by difficulty level. So if you are just getting started using Adobe After Effects and making your own film projects, be sure to stop by the After Effects Tutorials - Basic section first.
Here you will learn how After Effects works and then you will dive into the basic features it offers such as Masking , Track Mattes , Adjustment Layers , Compositions , Parenting , Null Objects and After Effects Expressions .

Once you've mastered the very basics, you are ready to move on to the After Effects Tutorials - Intermediate section of the Surfaced Studio YouTube channel .
In this section you will learn to create some awesome visual effects like Muzzle Flashes , Bullet Hits , Explosions , How To Morph an Object and I will introduce you to more advanced techniques such as Motion Tracking .

Once you feel comfortable creating all sorts of cool VFX using Adobe After Effects, you are ready to tackle the advanced tutorials in the After Effects Tutorials - Advanced section of my channel.

Don't jump to these tutorials if you are just getting started! You might end up just getting frustrated as I will assume a healthy amount of knowledge and skim over most of the basic steps so as not to bore the advanced user.

In these tutorials you will learn advanced techniques such as 3D Integration VFX , How To Blow Up A Motorcycle or How To Dissolve Someone Into Crows .

Finally, if you have any questions regarding my tutorials, After Effects or general VFX and film making techniques or theory, I invite you to leave me a question on my VFX Vlog! My VFX Vlog is the perfect place for you to get your questions answered and for me to share quick tips & tricks with you and keep you up to date with what is going on.

There are a number of VFX Vlogs available already that I recommend you check out:

If you don't necessarily want to learn more about VFX or film making, you can also just browse around in my VFX Short Films section and enjoy some of my own little video projects. Prepare for lots of action, visual effects and plenty of lame humour!

I hope you will enjoy what Surfaced Studio has to offer! Feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions on my videos on YouTube , on my website or on Twitter or Facebook .

Happy VFX-ing! Here's a picture of what happens when you piss of Walter!

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