What Is Surfaced Studio All About?

Surfaced Studio is all about film making and visual effects. This extends to all software tools, gadgets and gear that can help you create great content outside the walls of Hollywood.

Personally, I love to teach and I firmly believe that all good education should also be entertaining. Hence I adopted the concept of edutainment, which can be traced all the way back to Walt Disney and before.

As I walk the road of self learning, constantly trying, failing and practising with my own film projects, I want to share everything I learn with the world to help others move along this road a little bit faster – and maybe even inspire.

Business Enquiries

First off, I do not do advertorials. I am always excited to try out new gear, software or tools that I feel are aligned with what Surfaced Studio is all about, but I will always give my honest opinion in any content I may create.

For any business enquiries, please contact me at [loading…] or send me a message using the form below.