If you follow popular YouTubers like Casey Neistst or Peter McKinnon, you would have seen them use some pretty exciting video transitions in their vlogs. There are tons of cool video transitions that you can create without having to use any effects at all. In this video I will show you some of the best!

The Swipe Transition

The Swipe video Transition is super easy to create. Simply film your clip and then quickly move your camera. You can swipe left, right, up or down, or even rotate the camera. This will create some really nice motion blur to transition out of the current shot.

Film your next shot 'swiping in' or 'rotating in' on the scene to transition into video. You can then cut between these two clips at the right time to create a seamless swipe video transition.

The Blocked View Transition

The Blocked View video transition is another very easy to create effect without having to use any actual effects. Simply move your camera in a way that brings an obstruction in front of your lens. This could be moving left behind a street sign or moving up from behind a bridge railing.

Film the next clip with your camera coming out from behind an obstruction. Make sure you maintain the same direction of movement or the two clips might not fit very well together. You can now cut at the moment the camera becomes obstructed to create a really cool video transition from one shot to the next.

Here is an example of the blocked view transition moving the camera upwards. The road barrier blocks the view of the first shot. At that point, you can cut across to coming up behind a bridge railing to a totally different scene of the Yarra River in Melbourne.

The Fridge Transition

You will likely have seen the Fridge video transition before. Someone closes the door of a fridge or a drawer or a car on the camera. Everything turns black. When the door opens again, a significant amount of time has passed on the other side of the door.

You can also place objects in front of the camera like a coffee cup or a backpack. As long as the obstacle obstructs the part of the image where time passes, you can cut across to a later point in time and create a cool video transition.

The Snap Transition

The Snap video transition has mainly become popular with the rise of video platforms such as YouTube. It is a little bit trickier to create though as you need to be quite precise in how you shoot your scene.

For this video transition I recommend placing your camera on a tripod. Then film your actor performing an action such as a jump or clap. Then get the actor to change his clothes, his hair, anything you want to change his appearance. Finally, re-shoot the scene with the actor in the exact same location and performing the exact same action. You can then cut across from the first to the second shot on the action to 'snap' from one appearance to the next.

This is often used to create the effect of snapping your fingers to change your clothes or clapping to change another object in the scene. You can also change the entire surroundings and keep your actor or an object consistent from the first to the second shot. As long as there is an element of consistency between the two clips, the snap video transition should work.


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3 Months Ago
June 9, 2020 @ 2:24 pm

How to do a swipe transation with uneven cut like in the link below (2:55 minute):

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2 Months Ago
June 22, 2020 @ 0:56 am

You can create and animate a mask that reveals the next video in any way that you want - that's most likely what they did for the transition in the video. Align the mask with a moving object so it appears that the object moving reveals the video layer underneath

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