Video Post Production - How To Create A Bullet Hit Effect

Post Production Step 4: Add overlays, finalise effect

Now I can place the video of my arm and head on top of the blood effect to make it look like the blood sits behind me on the wall. I added the white outline so you can see where the rotoscoped footage sits in the final scene. Notice how the blood is now hidden behind those elements.


Without the outline it looks as we expect


At this stage in the post production, I usually also do some tweaking like making sure the effect fits nicely into the scene in terms of colour and size as well as add a few more details. Because I know the effect is almost complete I am happy to spend some time here to make it look convincing

Post Production Step 5: Colorisation and VFX lighting

Movie footage never looks like it was shot on an averagely cloudy day in your living room Instead, it usually has a certain colourised and stylised look.

In the final stages of your post production process, you want to apply full frame effects like colour curves, saturation and contrast changes as well as artificial lighting effects to your video

I want my footage to look like it has been shot at night so I reduce saturation and contrast, add colour curves and darken the entire video. I then increase the blue channel and remove a bit of red and green to give it that dark night blue.


The last thing I want to do as part of the colourisation is to simulate a TV flickering just off to the right of the frame. I have a detailed tutorial in my post on creating visual effect lighting using mattes .

Here is what my final video looks like:


Now I talked way too much (as usual), but the main thing to really keep in mind is to just take a moment to think about your post production process before you get started.

Break it up into small steps and it all be be a lot easier in the end

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