Street Fighter Energy Ball VFX Tutorial

User avatarAugust 21, 2019 by Surfaced Studio

Learn how to create an exciting Hadouken VFX from Street Fighter using Adobe After Effects and the RTFX Generator.

1:19 RTFX Generator Giveaway
2:07 Tutorial Start - Setup
3:25 Creating the Hadouken VFX
6:56 Animating the Fireball
8:09 Controlling Motion Blur Intensity
9:00 Creating the Explosion VFX
13:42 Creating the Disintegration Effect
19:18 Animating the Disintegration
23:16 Adding Glow
25:00 Adding Camera Shake

To win 1 of 5 licenses to the RTFX Generator simply

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  • Leave a comment on the video explaining what VFX you want to create with the assets from the RTFX Generator

Good luck and have fun!

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