Mocha Pro Edge Snapping & Magnetic Layer Tool - Rotoscoping Tutorial

Mocha Pro from BorisFX is an academy award winning planar tracker. You can use it to track and insert new images or videos into your footage. You can use it to remove people from moving shots. And you can use it for rotoscoping work.

With version 2019.5, Mocha Pro has added some exciting new features that I want to show you in this tutorial.

  • Magnetic Layer Tool: create a new spline quickly using the magnetic layer tool to easily trace the outline of your subject.
  • Freehand Tool: switch to the Freehand tool to draw any shape you want. Mocha Pro will convert the path to a spline for you automatically.
  • Edge Snapping: automatically snap the points of your spline to the nearest identifiable edge.

You can purchase Mocha Pro for $295 USD on an annual subscription from the Boris FX store . If you use coupon code SURFACEDSTUDIO at checkout you will get 15% OFF your purchase price - and support me in the process

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