The Ring - Halloween Horror Special

Happy Halloween everyone! As a special treat, we are taking on a true horror classic - The Ring!

The Ring Project

For over 2 years me and Celina from Fables In Fashion have been wanting to create this short film. It's been a long time in the planning and a lot of effort went in to making this project a reality!

Endless thanks go out to everyone involved!

<strong>Fables In Fashion</strong>

Celina is a beauty and fashion expert and creates amazing elaborate costumes and make up looks. I could not have asked for a better fit to play Samara in The Ring and she bloody creeped me out once she was in full costume and had her special effects make up on! She has a very active blog and created a separate tutorial to show you what went into creating the look for Samara. Go and check out her Samara Make Up Tutorial and subscribe to her channel!
<strong>Jimmy America</strong>

Most of my projects would not be possible without Jimmy. He is a photographer by trade and often does most (if not all) the camera work for a lot of the short films I create. Even after a 10 hours of straight filming for The Ring, he was still bouncing off the walls with good energy. If you love enthusiastic people and you're into photography, make sure to check out his channel and subscribe!

<strong>Violet LeBeaux</strong>

Violet is another very creative friend who constantly pours her energy into our projects. She helped create Celina's ripped and smudged up Samara outfit, has a great eye for detail and constantly assisted with directing throughout the shoot for The Ring. She creates beautiful arts and crafts pieces and all things pretty so make sure you subscribe to her YouTube channel as well!

The Ring VFX Tutorials

There are a ton of visual effects in The Ring short movie and I will be creating tutorials for all of them. I have to plan out how best to approach them, and after a month of post production work I need a little bit of a beather - but they will be coming out soon. Make sure you are subscribed to the Surfaced Studio YouTube channel and keep an eye out for some cool The Ring Visual Effects tutorials!

I hope you enjoyed this short film and you have a Happy Halloween!

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