Bear Grylls - Man vs Not So Wild Parody

User avatarNovember 16, 2011
I have always been a big fan of Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls.

People may argue about how much of the show is 'real' and get all upset that OMG he dared to have an actual safety rope while crossing a 200m deep gorge on an old power line. But honestly, I don't care

Bear Grylls is such an inspiring and positive character, it's hard not to like him and feel motivated when watching him climb, swim, crawl and eat his way through some of the toughest terrain on this planet.

For me, I have always loved adventure but had gotten a bit stuck in work and everyday routine. It was watching Man vs Wild that reignited my desire to be out in the wilderness, go climbing and exploring and enjoy the beauty this world has to offer

In honour of Bear Grylls, I always wanted to make a Man vs Wild spoof video - not with mocking, evil intent, but instead as a hommage to his undefeatable spirit and his endless enthusiasm for the wild

A few weeks ago, I went on a hike with my friend Alex and decided it was time to shoot the footage needed to make my Man vs Not So Wild video!

I hope you will enjoy it

Man vs Not So Wild - Man vs Wild Parody

The video was shot up in the Dandenong Ranges just east of Melbourne, Australia.

We shot most of the footage just off the main hiking tracks with the camera aimed into the rainforest to give a feeling of actually being surrounded by it. Before I got to sound editing, I wasn't too sure the illusion would work as there were plenty of moments when you could hear cars, people talking and even a helicopter flying by

Lots of things went wrong during the shooting and just for the fun of it I made a small outtakes video. If you want to see a bit behind the scenes footage and have a bit of a laugh at the stupid stuff we did (or tried to do) during the shooting of the actual video, here is the outtakes reel:

Man vs Not So Wild - Man vs Wild Parody Outtakes

Thank you for all the adventures

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