Happy Easter! Frenemies - The Evil Easter Bunny

Happy Easter everyone!!

I've been working on a special Easter video and have managed to complete it just on time. Watch Walter and his evil twin 'celebrate' Easter together

Frenemies - The Evil Easter Bunny (Happy Easter Short Film)

I have always been a fan of antagonistic duos like Tom and Jerry, Road Runner and Wile E coyote or - more contemporary - Itchy & Scratchy. No words are necessary; the entire story is told with nothing but gestures, scenes and music so the viewer can enjoy the movie no matter what language they may speak

It took me a long time to edit this video and I am still not sure whether the storyline will be clear to someone watching without knowing what is going on. It's sometimes hard to disassociate yourself from your own story and try to see it with 'fresh' eyes.

I also have to find an easier way to record the sound. None of the sound you hear in this Easter short film is real - it is all recorded and overlayed in post production. But since this is a very slow process I think I have to rethink how I can record the sound cleanly directly when filming

Either way, I am very happy with this video and I hope you will enjoy watching it!

Have a Happy Easter!

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