Dissolve Into Crows - After Effects & 3dsMax

User avatarDecember 9, 2012 by Surfaced Studio
In preparation of the 3d integration VFX tutorials I will be releasing soon, I created a dissolve into crows effect together with Fables In Fashion. Enjoy :)

Dissolve Into Crows VFX Short Film & Breakdown - After Effects & 3dsMax

The effect was created by compositing real live footage with a swarm of crow particles generated in 3dsMax.

I created a virtual 3D scene in 3dsMax, used pFlow to simulate a swarm of crows exploding out of Celina and rendered diffuse, alpha and depth layers using vRay. I then composited the rendered footage in After Effects to create the final effect :)

The full tutorial as well as an entire 3D integration VFX mini series for YouTube are in the works and will hopefully be online soon!

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