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Minecraft in Real Life

What would Minecraft be like in real life?
I joined forces with Rag from Shutter Authority to collaborate on this fun little short film!
Credits for all of the amazing editing and VFX go to Rag!

Behind The Scenes

The whole project started out when Rag from Shutter Authority contacted me to get together for a collaboration. Of course, I said. He was planning a trip down to Australia and we decided to meet up and shoot something cool together.

Rag reminded me of a younger version of myself. He is full of positive energy, great ideas and always focused on opportunities rather than on obstacles. He had a rough idea that he wanted to shoot a VFX short film based on Minecraft. We decided that the Royal Botanical Gardens would make a great setting for some Minecraft inspired action.

It took us the entire day to shoot the footage we needed. Rag was behind the camera I tried my best to not fail at acting, with mixed results. Melbourne’s infamous constantly changing weather made the shoot pretty challenging. The sun came and went randomly and it tricky was tricky to get consistent lighting across different shots. However, by the end of the day, we were happy with the material we had filmed for our Minecraft short film.

Once everything was wrapped up, me and Rag filmed a short clip in front of the Shrine of Remembrance in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.

Post Production

All of the post production work, from editing to the VFX were done by Rag. I had a little bit of input into some of the VFX shots, but all credit really goes to him.

A lot of the effects were created by modelling and animating 3D Minecraft characters in the free 3D software package Blender. The shots were then tracked and had the 3D models inserted into them inside Adobe After Effects using a technique calld 2.5D.

This technique takes a 3D rendered object, but uses only a simple 2D track to place the object in the scene. This tends to be a lot less complicated than working with a full 3D camera track. For most shots 2.5D will work just as well. Here is one of the many shots from short film: the Royal Botanical Gardens are filled with Minecraft monsters!

I am still in the process of creating more tutorials for how Rag put together all the cool effects for this Minecraft VFX short film. Here is the first one in the series I intend to create. Learn how to create a cool looking 3D scan using Adobe After Effects!

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