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User avatarOctober 27, 2013
I am migrating the VFX Vlog from my second YouTube channel to my main YouTube channel ! Here's the official announcement:

Welcome to my VFX Vlog! Film Making and VFX Tips & Tricks

You may actually not know that I have been running the VFX Vlog for a little while now. That may be because it's been running over on my second channel, surfacedstudio2 . Here is a list of episodes that are already available online:

Go check them out!

There are essentially 2 reasons why I've decided to migrate my VFX Vlog from my second to my main YouTube channel.

To give you more opportunity to have your film making & VFX related questions answered

There is already a growing community of film making and VFX enthusiasts around the Surfaced Studio YouTube channel and Facebook fan page. In many cases I get asked questions that I have already answered in my VFX Vlog. But since the vlog is on my second YouTube channel and many people don't know about it, I often end up referring people to them.

I see a lot of potential in my VFX Vlogs to provide everyone in this community more opportunities to get their film making and VFX questions answered. Having the VFX Vlog on my main YouTube channel will give the vlog more exposure and make people aware that there is a place to ask all your questions.

So start asking questions!

Whether you are stuck on a tutorial, have a film making or gear related question or some technical issues, leave your question on the VFX Vlog and I will be sure to answer them. If the question is applicable to a lot of other people (or everyone is having the same issue), I will answer it in the vlog itself and I am more than happy to show you how to do certain things directly in Adobe After Effects.

Note that any questions that are actually tutorial requests will go on my official request list. Questions like "How do I make Wolverine Claws?" or "Can you show me how to make a cool teleportation effect?" are really requests for tutorials. Therefore I will put them on my request list rather than trying to (inadequately) answer them in the VFX Vlog itself.

Having the VFX Vlog on my main channel also makes it easier for me to more easily share some general tips & tricks and general thoughts with you as well as keep you up to date with what is happening.

To provide you with more regular content

As you might know, it takes me a long time to create my VFX tutorials. This is why I generally only release a new video every 2 weeks. For the last couple of weeks however, every alternating week, I have been releasing a new VFX Vlog on my second channel anyways. So rather than releasing it on my second channel where most people don't notice it, I've decided to release them on my main channel, alternating every week with my VFX tutorials.

This way you will get a new video every week rather than just every 2 odd weeks. And you will get more opportunity to ask questions and have them answered in the following Vlog.

Leave your feedback!

Let me know what you think about having the VFX Vlog on my main YouTube channel. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Give me some feedback on what you think!

Also, start leaving film making and VFX related questions on my YouTube channel , my Twitter or Facebook account and I will start to pick them up and answer them in my VFX Vlog!

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