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Working With Look Presets

In the looks builder interface of the Magic Bullet Looks plugin, on the left side is a small tab called 'Looks' (5). Hover over this tab to reveal a gallery of preset looks, applied to the current clip in your preview window. Simply click on a look to apply it to your footage.

Magic Bullet Looks contains a large number of presets and they range from warm sunrise colours to glaring lights or high contrast horror styles.

Here is the 'Blockbuster' look applied to the Zombie Hunter footage. It is a fairly high contrast look with a cold blue tint and some heavy vignetting.

The great thing about the preset looks in Magic Bullet Looks is that they aren't set in stone. When you select a look, your effect tool chain will simply get populated automatically with all the processing steps required to achieve the final style.

This allows you to alter the preset look to your liking. You can remove individual effects, add new ones or alter their parameters until you are happy with the final look.

Another cool feature of the Magic Bullet Looks plugin is that you can see a small preview of your effects pipeline directly in the effect settings within Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects. To alter the tool chain you will have to open up the Looks Builder though.

Once you are done configuring your cinematic look, don't forget to cut and paste the Magic Bullet Looks effect from the individual clip back onto the adjustment layer to apply it to all clips in your project.

And that's it! The Magic Bullet Looks plugin makes it very easy to colour correct and colour grade your footage to achieve a solid, cinematic look.

I personally love just browsing through the preset looks to get some inspiration and try out a number of different styles to see what would suit my video. Once I've settled on a style I can then either alter the preset or set up my own effects tool chain to take my video from boring to cinematic!

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