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User avatarOctober 15, 2011
Welcome to SurfacedStudio!
I am very excited to have completed the migration from surfacedmusic to SurfacedStudio

The reason for the migration was mainly to get away from the 'music' part of my website. Not that I am going to stop writing music, far from it. I just love so many different creative activities and wanted to have one location where I could keep and share all of them.

Recently I have gotten more and more interested in video production and special effects. I have always been an avid photographer and as a software developer by profession I love developing video games and random small tools to make my life easier. I still love to write, compose, record and mix music, but I also want to have a place to talk about and share anything else that interests me - that place is going to be SurfacedStudio

Here is my latest video project that I did with Fables In Fashion . It's a dark action video clip in Underworld style. I composed the music for it and added the special effects



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