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User avatarJune 19, 2011
I have finally managed to get my (properly styled) YouTube channel online and have started uploading the first videos

I already have a few musical drafts online that I want to eventually develop into full songs. Since I have only recently gotten my hands on a shiny new Nikon D7000 (which can also take awesome full HD movies), the current videos are sporting a simple image and text only.

The plan is to keep uploading smaller fragments regularly while working on full length songs. For the full length songs I want to create actual music videos as well - how long this process will take I am not sure yet, we shall see.

I am currently working on a song called 'Rise Up' which will be my first attempt at a full music + video project

There are lots of other ideas floating through my head now on what I want to put onto YouTube

I have already picked one of those ideas and want to properly film, cut and polish it - and of course I will be making the music for it too! Hopefully I will get to film all the material I need this coming weekend!

Besides getting more into video recording (and special effects - thank you After Effects!), I have mainly been working on a proper recording plan.

I have been pretty badly stuck with my music lately, ending up with hundreds of fragments and no complete songs. Trying to bust through that block, I have laid out a strict plan to follow for the next few months.

My plan schedules the release of 5 currently unfinished songs, properly composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by October. I might end up making a small video diary for the process - hopefully recording some useful information on how to get out of a rut along the way

For now, here are a few of the song drafts I have already online.

For more videos, please visit my YouTube channel .

Any feedback or suggestions are always welcome

SurfacedMusic - Never Falter
SurfacedMusic - Comfortable

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