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User avatarDecember 6, 2014
What camera do you use?

What is the best software for visual effects?

What do you use to record your audio?

These are just a few of the questions that I get on my YouTube channel on a very regular basis and I decided to properly answer these questions once and for all. Therefore I have created a number of pages that list out all of the resources I use for my own film projects and visual effects. You can find all of them on the Resources For Film Makers section on this website.

The resources section itself is broken down into 4 separate pages:

On these resource pages discuss in detail why I like to use the tools that I have chosen for my work and I explain what I like (or dislike) about them. I also point out a few things about them and what you should keep in mind when considering purchasing any of these tools for your own film projects and visual effects.

Disclaimer: note that I have provided links for all of the resources listed and some of these links are affiliate links which means that if you purchase the item through one of these links I will get a small commission. However, all resources listed are items that I personally own, that I love to use and that I would recommend to my closest friends and my family without hesitation.

Please let me know if there are any resources that I might have missed or shoot me a question if you find that you want some more information.

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