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User avatarOctober 9, 2018
Mocha Pro is an academy award winning planar tracker from Boris FX . The latest version, Mocha Pro 2019 adds a whole list of exciting new features and improvements!

New Features

I have been using Mocha for a long time now for my visual effects and short film projects. It is a great tool for rotoscoping, tracking, 3D camera solves, stabilizing footage or removing objects from moving shots.

Mocha Pro 2019 has a lot of great new features and improvements. Here are just a few:

  • High DPI & Retina display support, now also supporting Windows.
  • New Essentials workspaces to make Mocha Pro more accessible to beginners and focus the work of seasons pros.
  • New Spline Tools to make rotoscoping and tracking easier. These include new Primitive Shapes as well as new Magnetic and Freehand tools.
  • GPU Accelerated Removes. Removing moving objects from a moving shot is one of the most powerful features of Mocha Pro. This process has now been sped up significantly by utilising your GPU. Results may vary depending on your graphics card, but I have noticed significant performance improvements during my tests (30% and more).
  • The Illumination Models for the Remove Module have been improved. The blending models work better and yield nicer results when removing objects from your shots.
  • The Surface tool can now be transformed more easily for rotation and uniform scale.
  • Mocha VR and Mocha Pro have been combined. All of the tools to work with both standard and 360 footage (mono or stereoscopic) are now available within the same software package - or plugin.

Mocha Pro 2019 is available as a standalone application or as a plugin for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Nuke, Fusion and many other hosts.

It costs $295/year on an annual subscription, but there are other options available depending on your needs

Finally, don't forget to use coupon code surfacedstudio during check out to get 15% OFF the final price!

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