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Pidgeon Project – Project Management Software

As I am still working on my next video project, I decided to use this week to share one of my many little software tools with you – Pidgeon Project :)

It is a really simple, very easy to use project management tool that can be used for any sort of project to create, manage, organise and prioritise the tasks required as well as assign them to people and track their progress.

For most of the time I have been using it for small personal projects like music, website or games developement :)

Pidgeon Project supports rich text editing so the descriptions for all your tasks and notes can contain bold or italic text, different font sizes, bullet lists and even embedded images! Each description is saved in a separate .rtf (rich text formatting) file.

Tasks have completion percentages and you can group them together and assign them to people. The project management tool will then tell you what your overall project completion is and it will show you task lists for all people so you have an easy overview :)

Originally, I wrote it for simple team based software projects, so it does support any number of people working on the same project. Since it saves all items into separate files it is easy to check all files for a project into a repository and collaborate with others :)

There’s lots of other small goodies in this tool and best of all: it’s all free!
So head on over to the Pidgeon Project Software Page and try it out!

If you have any problems with Pidgeon Project, any suggestions or requests for additional features, please send me a message :)

2 comments for Pidgeon Project – Project Management Software

  1. Linux version? :P

    Actually I was hoping for a simple web-based tool.

    • Yeah, my apologies also go to the Linux crowd! Once someone invents a good, easy cross development tool using C# that allows me to create complex form applications, I might get interested. There’s already plenty of web based project tools out there, all I really wanted was a very simple, fast tool that I could get to at the click of a button without having to log on, deal with security or wait for my stupid internet to respond and that’s why I wrote it :)

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