The Sunday Riff - Taking It All

Welcome to the second Sunday Riff post!!

Today's riff is a fat metal riff that uses harmonic minor and palm muting to create a dense rhythmic pattern.

I decided to present you with the demo song first because

  • It gives you an idea of how the riff sounds in context
  • It is more fun to listen to than the dry riff

Have a listen!


Now for the actual riff. Here are the notes including the tabulature:

taking it all - guitar riff

The riff is based on the hard rhythmic beat of the palm muted bass notes contrasted with the brighter semitone slides.

The first 2 bars are in E harmonic minor. In the second half of the riff, the entire pattern is shifted up by to A harmonic minor, which introduces additional tension. This tension is released with a 2/4 bar at the end leading back to the beginning of the riff.

It can be a little tricky to play the semitone slides perfectly on time; I think even I'm not doing such a good job of it

Here is the plain guitar riff:


I am currently planning out a bigger post on the importance on improvisation, but it might take me a little given the large amount of demo/backing tracks I want to include.

For now, I hope you enjoyed today's riff!

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