The Sunday Riff - A Rugged Shade of Grey

I haven't been posting nearly as often as I would like. Part of that is due to having been a bit busy, part is simply due to laziness.

However, I do believe that many of my posts also get held up by the fact that they are so monolithic it's hard for me to find a good place to start. Even once I've started writing, i tend to endlessly change things around or reword sections and I feel like I may never get done.

So I've decided to try to do a small weekly post called 'The Sunday Riff'.

In The Sunday Riff, I will present a small musical element I've come up with during the week including the recording, the notes and the tab. It might not always be an actual guitar riff; it may be a classical arpeggio, a piano melody or a drum pattern - just a small and simple piece of my music.

If there is a specific idea behind the piece, I might explain a little bit about it, but the basic idea is just to give you something to listen to and try out for yourself

I will still try to get bigger, more informative posts up, but I won't to feel so pressed to get them up each week that I just end up getting writer's block.

Today's riff is an actual, simple and gritty, guitar 'riff'.

It uses muted strings and semitone steps within the harmonic minor scale to create a dark and rugged feel.

Have a listen to the plain riff:


Here are the notes and the tab for the riff:

rugged shade of grey - guitar riff

The riff does not sound overly exciting by itself, but when combined with a solid drum line and a bass guitar, I think it creates a nice and dark atmosphere.


I hope you enjoyed this post

There will be more to come!

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