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User avatarOctober 27, 2018
I finally launched my first official Blender Beginner Course on Udemy !

To say thank you for all of your support I am giving away 30 copies of the course for FREE! See the details below

Check out the promo video for the course right here!

Why Udemy?

Honest disclaimer: this course is a re-compilation of training materials from my YouTube channel . So why buy it on Udemy?
  1. On Udemy, this Blender course is yours and yours to keep. Download the videos and watch offline anytime you want!
  2. All videos are organised to give you a clear learning path from beginner to intermediate.
  3. All files you need to follow along with the tutorials are included in the course materials.
  4. You get full support from me! Whenever you have a question or get stuck, just send me a message on Udemy and I will help you out!
    I want you to get the most out of this course and walk away happy!

Course Structure

Let's quickly talk about what you will learn in my Blender Beginner Course!

Lesson 1 - Blender For Absolute Beginners

In the first lesson we will cover the absolute basics of how to use Blender.

We will cover how the interface works and how to navigate around the 3D space of your scene.

I will show you how to create new objects, set up lights and cameras and render out the final image.

Lesson 2 - The Basics of Modeling

In this lesson you will learn how to create your own 3D models from scratch!

We will cover the basics of Blender, how to use edit mode to modify your objects and create a cool looking treasure chest.

While this lesson does not touch on everything, it will be enough to give you a solid understanding of how to model in Blender.

Lesson 3 - Working with Materials

Once you have created your own 3D objects, you likely want to apply some materials.

Materials define the surface properties of your objects, including colour, reflectivity, transparency and much more.

In this lesson I will explain the basics of how to work with materials in Blender to make your objects look a little more interesting!

Lesson 4 - Creating Animations and Working with Keyframes

It's time to learn how to create animations in Blender!

In this lesson we will cover how to use keyframes to animate the objects in your 3D scene

I will explain how to work with Keying Sets and how to add, change and delete keyframes.

Finally, we will look at the Graph Editor to fine tune your animations and gain a whole other level of control.

Lesson 5 - Rendering Still Images and Animations

While I covered how to render an image in the first lesson, in this lesson I want to take a closer look at rendering.

I will explain some basic concepts of rendering both still images and animations in Blender.

We will touch on rendering out video files and how to use the command line to speed up the rendering process.

Lesson 6 - Applying Textures and the UV Editor

In this lesson I will explain how to apply image textures to your 3D models in Blender.

We have touched on materials before, but understanding how to texture your models will give you a lot more control over making your 3D objects look the way you want to!

You will learn how to use the UV Editor and UV Unwrap your mesh.

We will then go over how to set up a material that applies an image texture onto the model using the UV map we created.

Lesson 7 - Rigging and Working with Bones

Character animation can be a daunting topic when it comes to using any 3D program, including Blender.

In this lesson I want to explain how to rig, skin and animate a character in Blender.

Rigging refers to the process of creating a virtual skeleton for your character.

Skinning refers to the process of attaching your mesh to this virtual skeleton so that you can move the model by moving the skeleton.

At the end of this lesson you will be comfortable setting up your own (simple) character rigs and animating your 3D objects.

Lesson 8 - Common Beginner Problems

Before we dive into the final project, I want to touch on a few common issues that newcomers to Blender tend to run into.

We will go over how to resolve issues with panels in Blender and different ways to set up your camera with ease.

You will learn how to avoid some common mistakes while modelling in Edit Mode and how to get nice and crisp renders out of Blender.

Lesson 9 - How to Model, Rig and Animate a Tentacle in Blender

It's time to practice your skills! In the last lesson I want to take you through the end-to-end process of modelling, rigging and animating a tentacle in Blender.

This is a fairly involved tutorial, but I just wanted to give you something a little more meaty to get your teeth into.

After this lesson, hopefully you have a good understanding of what - and how - you can do with Blender!


And finally, what you are really here for: the giveaway for my new Blender Beginner Course!

To celebrate getting the course live on Udemy, I am giving away 30 voucher codes that will get you the course for FREE!

Simply use Coupon Code SURFACED_BLENDER_S3 or visit Udemy via this link: Blender 3D Crash Course for Absolute Beginners .

The voucher will work exactly 30 times so get in quick!

Good luck and I hope you will enjoy the course


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Stefanos Gkavanozis
1 Year Ago
November 10, 2018 @ 6:28 am
Hello! Great tutorials!
User avatar
Surfaced Studio@ Stefanos Gkavanozis
1 Year Ago
November 12, 2018 @ 0:49 pm
Thank you
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Clipping Path Arts
6 Months Ago
February 27, 2020 @ 4:46 am

Awesome tutorial

User avatar
Surfaced Studio@ Clipping Path Arts
6 Months Ago
February 29, 2020 @ 8:56 am
Thank you!

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