ActionVFX Stock Footage Giveaway - Explosions, Fire & More

Win yourself some super high quality action stock footage for your film making and VFX needs!
In this giveaway, I am going to give away 2 of the amazing packs from the ActionVFX collection by RodyPolis.

I highly recommend that you check out the official product page for ActionVFX by visiting the official ActionVFX website . You can even download some free stock footage that you can use without paying a cent!

The Contest

To participate in the contest, make sure you download the FREE 2K Fireball Stock Footage element . If you are having trouble playing back the file, make sure you have QuickTime installed on your computer.

Here are the Official Rules that you need to follow to enter this contest. Make sure to read these CAREFULLY to avoid being disqualified.

  1. To enter, simply download the free fireball stock footage element and use it to create a visual effect. Upload the entry to your YouTube channel and somewhere in the title put the text 'Surfaced Studio ActionVFX Giveaway'
  2. Make your video as long or short as you want. I recommend keeping it short though - if it takes too long to get to the point and I lose interest... I might just chose a different entry
  3. You can use other stock footage, but make sure the fireball provided is the MAIN focus of the VFX. I won't give any extra points for additional stock footage so people who don't own any yet are not at a disadvantage
  4. Only use video and audio material that you are allowed to use legally. Record your own or use elements from the YouTube libraries,, etc - just include a link to where you got your SFX or music from in your video description
  5. Only upload a single (1) entry onto your YouTube channel
  6. Entries close on the 11th of July 2016 at 10pm AEST. Winners will be announced in a video on the 17th of July 2016
  7. I will judge the entries on the creativity of the video (the idea) and the execution (how well everything is composited together
  8. I will contact the winner via message on YouTube so make sure you check your inbox on the week starting on the 11th of July. If the winners don't respond within 4 days of me contacting them, the prizes will go to the runner up

Don't know where to get started?

If you don't have any editing or compositing software I recommend grabbing yourself a copy of HitFIlm 4 Express!

If you are looking for some tips to get started, here is Rodolphe himself from RodyPolis, talking about how to realistically composite elements from the ActionVFX collection into a live action shot!

Good luck for the contest everyone and let's blow some s***f up!


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3 Years Ago
October 4, 2016 @ 9:49 am
like ive seen you befor in film riot

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