Win a Rode SmartLav Lapel Microphone - 20,000 YouTube Subscriber Celebration & Giveaway

User avatarSeptember 23, 2013
Surfaced Studio has reached 20,000 subscribers on YouTube !!!
In celebration of this exciting milestone, I am giving away a brand new, amazing Rode SmartLav lapel microphone ! Check out the following video to find out how you can win a free Rode SmartLav:

How To Enter The Competition

Simply like, favourite and share the YouTube Video and then leave a comment on the video answering the following question:

How often, in total, do I get hurt in all of the video on my channel?

This includes ANY form of obvious physical pain being inflicted, i.e. being shot, punched, blown up, run over by car, disintegrated, electrified, etc. Only count the intros and outros of my tutorials as well as any short films I have on this channel. The welcome trailer does count as well.

Terms & Conditions


If you are not yet 18 years of age, get permission from your parents before entering the competition! I do not want to hear from angry parents about their kids receiving gifts from random men on the internet!

The competition will close on the 6th of October.

On the 6th of October I will compile a list of everyone who entered in order of the accuracy of their guess. If multiple people picked the same number I am simply going to order them randomly.

I will send a private YouTube message to the winner to tell them that they have won the Rode SmartLav. The winner then has 48 hours to get back to me and provide me with an address to send the SmartLav to. If I do not hear back within 48 hours, the price will go to the runner up.

This process will continue until I have found someone to send the Rode SmartLav to.

I recommend sending me a P.O. box address if you have one. It is generally never a smart idea to hand out your personal address to anyone on the internet.

Good luck

Thank you everyone for the support and for watching and making Surfaced Studio grow past 20,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Good luck for the competition!

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