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Halloween Special - The Ring

The Ring – Halloween Horror Special

Happy Halloween! If you're looking for something scary to watch with your friends this Halloween, make sure you check out our take on a true horror classic - The Ring!

Candy Crush Saga Nightmare – VFX Short Film

Are you addicted to Candy Crush Saga? Then this might be your worst nightmare! Walter fights his demons as his passion for the game is taking over his life!

Mario’s Magic Mushroom – VFX Short Film

What would happen if Mario no longer had any princesses to rescue? He'd probably get fat and hooked onto mushrooms! We created a short humorous VFX short film to capture his life a decade after saving the last princess!
Dissolve Into Crows 3D VFX

Dissolve Into Crows – After Effects & 3dsMax

I have been wanting to create this complex 3D effect for a long time! Watch Celina dissolve into a murder of crows and see the full VFX breakdown using Adobe After Effects and 3dsMax.
Halloween Zombie Hunter VFX Short Film

Halloween Zombie Video Wins Movie Contest

BAM! Our Zombie Hunter VFX Short Film has been selected as the winner in Indy Mogul's Terror Trials Movie Contest! Super stoked to come out on top next to so many great entries. Check out our entry and the announcement on Indy Mogul's channel!
Halloween Zombie Hunter VFX Short Film

Happy Halloween! Zombie Hunter VFX Short Film!

It's time for Halloween and what better way to get you into the mood than a dark and action packed zombie short film! This short has even won a couple of online contests and we are very proud of the final result. Go check it out!
Handguns and hand grenades vfx short

Handguns & Hand Grenades

Jimmy gets mugged on his way back home! Fortunately he is not unarmed. Action packed VFX short film with plenty of handguns and Jimmy's powerful hand grenade.

Happy Easter! Frenemies – The Evil Easter Bunny

It is Easter time and Walter and his evil twin are planning two very different types of celebrations - one including chocolate eggs, the other one a hand grenade! Enjoy my latest Road Runner style VFX short film!
Indy Mogul Movie Quest

Indy Mogul Movie Quest Feature

Our VFX short film At War With Your TV has been featured on Indy Mogul's Movie Quest show! We are very excited to one of our entries get through to be featured and you should definitely check out the short film as well as the latest Movie Quest episode!
The Garbage Man Valentine love song

Singing Trash Bins – Valentine’s Day Love Song

It's Valentine's Day and what could be more romantic than a bunch of garbage cans singing of their love for the garbage man? This melodic VFX short film took me a little while to make, but it was a lot of fun and it taught me a whole lot of things about After Effects!