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QV Glasshouse 2013

QV Glasshouse Tea & Coffee

I went with Celina, Violet and Jimmy to the QV Glasshouse in Melbourne CBD to enjoy a nice afternoon snack in a beautiful and quaint environment. The QV Glasshouse was filled with hanging glass and plant orbs, beds of pretty flowers and a butterfly enclosure overrun by kids. We sat down for some tea, coffee and lots of picture taking.
Mt Buller Snow Trip

Mt Buller Snow Trip

In June 2013, we went to a weekend ski trip at Mt Buller with the company I was working at. Being used to the endless slopes of the Alpes I didn't think it was worth borrowing a snowboard for a day and a half and so I just took my camera and hiked up towards the summit. It was a nice sunny day and I got to see some awesome snow and ice crystals along the way.
Bhutan Trek

Bhutan Trek 2012

A 12 day adventure trek through the beautiful landscapes, snowy mountains and great emptiness of Bhutan
Happy Halloween

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween! Me and Celina were invited over to Violet & Jimmy's place to celebrate Halloween with lots of great food, costumes and fun!