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Advanced Morphing in Adobe After Effects

Learn how to create an advanced morph / warp effect in Adobe After Effects. This tutorial shows you how to transform an object while holding it in your hands using some clever editing and the Reshape effect.

Roof Destruction with After Effects and Cinema 4D – Part 2

In the second part of my roof crash destruction VFX tutorial I will show you how to create cool debris elements in Cinema 4D and animate them with realistic physics. We will then composite the rendered debris back into our scene using Adobe After Effects and 3D integration techniques!

Roof Destruction VFX with After Effects and Cinema 4D – Part 1

Who doesn't love destruction VFX? In this tutorial I will show you how to create the effect of someone crashing through the roof using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. In the first part we will set up our footage, green screen a giant to destroy the roof and composite some dust and debris elements into the scene.

Compositing Fireworks in Adobe After Effects

Learn how to composite the fireworks elements we created in the After Effects & Trapcode Particular fireworks tutorial realistically onto some clouds stock footage. I will show you how to intelligently use a track matte to make the glow of the fireworks interact with the shape of the clouds for a more realistic visual effect!

Creating Fireworks with After Effects & Trapcode Particular

Learn how to create great looking fireworks VFX in Adobe After Effects using the Trapcode Particular Plugin by Red Giant. Trapcode Particular is an advanced particle system plugin for After Effects that gives you a lot of intricate control over the look and feel of your particles.

Adobe After Effects Puppet Tool Tutorial

The puppet tool in Adobe After Effects allows you to easily animate a static image by adding joints into it and keyframing the movement of these joints. Learn how to use the puppet pin, starch and overlap tools to create awesome puppet animations!
3D Integration VFX videocopilot Element 3D

Creating awesome 3D VFX With Element 3D by VideoCopilot

In 3D Integration VFX Part 6 I will show you how to use the excellent Element 3D plug-in by videocopilot to composite 3D objects into your shots directly inside of Adobe After Effects! While not as powerful as a fully fledge 3D program, Element 3D makes it easy to create simple, but great looking 3D integration VFX!
How to blow up a motorcycle

Adobe After Effects – Motorcycle Explosion Tutorial

Learn how to blow up a motorcycle in Adobe After Effects. This tutorial shows you how to motion track a moving shot and removing a motorcycle that is already in the scene. We will then add a cool looking explosion as well as some shrapnel and camera shake to finish off the effect.

After Effects Camera Tracking – Moving Blood Hit

This tutorial covers an essential technique for creating realistic looking bullet hits for your action movies: using motion tracking to attach blood hit effects to your scene so they correctly follow the movement of the camera.

Zombie Speed Run VFX – After Effects Tutorial

On request from you guys, I created this tutorial to break down one of the effects from our Zombie Hunter short film: how to create an aggressive, ghostly zombie speed run effect. Take a look behind the scenes to see how I created this effect and learn how to do it yourself.