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Sony Alpha 6500 In-Depth Review

The Sony Alpha 6500 is Sony's current top-of-the-line mirrorless camera. In this in-depth review I take a close look at the features of the Alpha 6500 and show you what you can and can't do with it.

What is the Best Computer for Adobe After Effects?

What is the best computer for Adobe After Effects? I have just upgraded my computer and I decided to make a video and a proper post on what to look out for when choosing the components for your new machine.

Resources for Film Makers

I often get asked what software, cameras, lenses and other equipment I use to create my visual effects and short films. To answer all of those questions I have created a number of pages to list out all of the resources that I personally use for my own film projects and explain why I love to use them.

FujiFilm XF1 Hands On In Depth Review

The FujiFilm XF1 is a high quality compact camera in a simple retro design. Its F1.8 Fujinon lens, advanced shooting modes, RAW support and creative image processing capabilities make it an appealing choice for the more advanced casual photographer. I took the XF1 out onto the streets of Melbourne to see how it would perform in the field!

Rhino Camera Slider Review

The rhino slider provides amazingly smooth camera slide shots at a decent price. I took my Rhino slider on a tour through Melbourne to see how well it would perform.