Surfaced Studio Short Films

It’s a Bomb!

Indiana Jones – Raiders Of The Lost Cookie Box

Minecraft in Real Life

You Took My Credit!

Halloween Special - The Ring

The Ring – Halloween Horror Special

Candy Crush Saga Nightmare – VFX Short Film

Mario’s Magic Mushroom – VFX Short Film

Dissolve Into Crows 3D VFX

Dissolve Into Crows – After Effects & 3dsMax

Halloween Zombie Hunter VFX Short Film

Happy Halloween! Zombie Hunter VFX Short Film!

Handguns and hand grenades vfx short

Handguns & Hand Grenades

Happy Easter! Frenemies – The Evil Easter Bunny

The Garbage Man Valentine love song

Singing Trash Bins – Valentine’s Day Love Song

At War With Your TV VFX short film

At War With Your TV – The Doppelganger 2

Making Fire With Your Hands VFX short film

Visual Effect – Making Fire With Your Hands

Man Vs Wild Parody

Bear Grylls – Man vs Not So Wild Parody

Doppelganger VFX short film

Doppelganger – Underworld Style Action VFX Short Film