72 VFX & Film Making Blog Posts

72 Blog Posts
I have decided to take the VFX Vlog from my second YouTube channel over to Surfaced Studio. This will give me more opportunities to share After Effects tips & tricks with you, answer questions more easily and keep you up to date with what is happening!
VIDinc, Australia's biggest YouTube event to date was held in Sydney in August 2013. I fly up from Melbourne to experience the YouTube culture, learn new skills to expand my channel and meet some of YouTube's greatest players!
When you get started learning VFX you need to find the tutorials best suited to your skill level. In this VFX vlog I show you where you can find the best tutorials on the internet. I also cover some common issues that people encounter when creating masks in Adobe After Effects.
The Digital Show is heralded as the biggest consumer technology event in the southern hemisphere. All about photography and film making with the latest brands, new technology and lots of presentations. Eager to experience it for ourselves, me, Celina, Violet and Jimmy went to check it out.
Woooo! Surfaced Studio has reached 20,000 subscribers on YouTube! In celebration of this awesome milestone I am giving away a Rode SmartLav microphone to one lucky winner!
Want free stock footage for your explosions? In this VFX Vlog I show you a few of my favourite websites to get free stock footage and take you through how to use them in Adobe After Effects. I also discuss some options available to you when you want to create some cool VFX!
When getting started with your own films and VFX, you may wonder what computer you need and what camera you should get. In this VFX Vlog I discuss some of the considerations when purchasing a computer and a camera. I also show you how to create natural lighting for explosions in Adobe After Effects.
Welcome to the VFX Vlog! I have started this vlog series to answer common questions I get regarding After Effects, Cinema 4D and 3dsMax and to share some useful techniques, tips & tricks with you on a more regular basis!
Are you just starting to learn After Effects? Then my beginner tutorial series is perfect for you! In this post I have gathered all of my After Effects Beginner tutorials in the optimal order to watch them to learn and start creating your own awesome VFX!
It has taken quite a bit of effort, but I have finally upgraded the Surfaced Studio website design. The new layout should make it easier to keep up to date with the latest tutorials and news as well as easily search through the catalog of existing VFX tutorials already on this site!
BAM! Our Zombie Hunter VFX Short Film has been selected as the winner in Indy Mogul's Terror Trials Movie Contest! Super stoked to come out on top next to so many great entries. Check out our entry and the announcement on Indy Mogul's channel!
The official Surfaced Studio Facebook Fan Page has gotten a makeover. There's a new design and the page has been linked to my YouTube channel and to Twitter! Check it out and get in contact!
Tough Mudder is advertised as 'Probably The Toughest Event On The Planet'. Well, it's not. Don't get me wrong, it is certainly a dirty, exhausting and fun adventure, but it's far from the grueling military hell that the advertisers are trying to convey. In this blog post I cover my experience doing Tough Mudder down in Australia with my friends!
Our VFX short film At War With Your TV has been featured on Indy Mogul's Movie Quest show! We are very excited to one of our entries get through to be featured and you should definitely check out the short film as well as the latest Movie Quest episode!
I am a developer by trade and in my (sparse) free time I sometimes develop tools to make my own life easier. Pidgeon Project is a simple Windows tool that helps you set up, define and track the progress of a project. I do believe the tool is useful and so I decided to share it with the world for free!
I used to run www.surfacedmusic.com but since my main passion has moved over to VFX and film making, I have decided to migrate everything into a new brand: Surfaced Studio. Welcome to the official Surfaced Studio website where you will find tons of VFX and film making tutorials as well as general tips & tricks!
SurfacedMusic now has its own YouTube channel! On the channel I will upload music projects as well as tips and tricks for creating and producing your own music!
There are a number of simple techniques that you can use to make sure your song captures and holds your listener's attention. In this blog post I will discuss structure, emotional intensity, withholding & expectations as well as uncommon time signatures.
Today's riff is a fast, hard and pumping line in harmonic minor. Notice how the kick drum and the bass add a more driving feel to the basic riff.


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