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Adobe After Effects Basics – Null Objects

Null objects tend to mystify a lot of people because by themselves they have no function and no visual impact on your effects. However, in combination with parenting, expressions and expression controls they provide a powerful mechanism to create and manage complex visual effects with ease.

Shooting Day For Night

Learn how to convert a scene filmed during the day to look like it was shot at night. This technique is very simple but extremely powerful and enables you to create great looking night scenes for your film projects.
Blood smear quick vfx

After Effects Blood Smear Effect using CC Smear

Learn how to create a very simple but useful effect for your action movie projects: how to create a blood smear effect of someone being hit by a bullet and then sliding down the wall, leaving streaks of blood behind. This tutorial will show you how to apply the CC smear to achieve this quick effect.
After Effects Basics parenting

Adobe After Effects Basics Tutorial – Parenting

Parenting in Adobe After Effects is a fundamental technique that allows you to link layers together in terms of their position, rotation and scale. Learn how to use parenting to build and mange complex VFX!
How To Make Things Glow - Thumbnail 2

How To Make Things Glow In Adobe After Effects

In this basics tutorial I show you how to use one of the most fundamental and useful effects available in Adobe After Effects: how to make things glow. Learn how to apply the Glow effect to both static and moving elements in your scene.

Advanced Lightning In Adobe After Effects

Learn how to create great looking lightning VFX in Adobe After Effects! Whether you want to re-create a scene from Star Wars or simply shock your friends, this basics tutorial takes you through the simple process of applying the Advanced Lightning effect and some masks to create realistic looking lightning.
After Effects Basics compositions and pre-composing

Adobe After Effects Basics – Compositions

In this part of my After Effects basics tutorial series I cover compositions and pre-composing in detail. We will cover what they are, the different roles they play in After Effects and why they are so essential to creating and managing more complex effects.
Adobe After Effects For Absolute Beginners

After Effects Basics Beginner Tutorial Series

Are you just starting to learn After Effects? Then my beginner tutorial series is perfect for you! In this post I have gathered all of my After Effects Beginner tutorials in the optimal order to watch them to learn and start creating your own awesome VFX!

Adobe After Effects For Absolute Beginners

Are you just getting started with After Effects? Then this tutorial is perfect for you! I will show you the basic workflow when using Adobe After Effects and take you through creating a simple explosion VFX from start to finish.

After Effects Basics Tutorial – Track Mattes

In this After Effects basics tutorial I cover track mattes, what they are and how they can be used to create a myriad of great composite VFX. Track mattes are an essential tool and you should learn how to use them before moving on to intermediate tutorials.