I have been fascinated by photography ever since I was old enough to hold my father’s camera.

As DSLRs started to push into the video market, I become increasingly interested in film making and visual story telling. My first encounter with visual effects outside of Hollywood was watching The Rocket Jump by Freddie W on YouTube and I was absolutely blown away and realised that creating spectacular visual effects was well within the reach of the hobbyist film maker.

I started to consume all tutorials for Adobe After Effects I could find online, but after devouring the entire set of fantastic tutorials by Video Copilot, I was left hungry for more, unable to find videos that were both educational and entertaining. So I started to create my own.

I have been running the Surfaced Studio YouTube channel for many years now and I enjoy teaching people all the things I learn along the way. The world of film making and visual effects is complex, challenging and exciting and I love to share my enthusiasm with anyone who is willing to put up with my special type of humour.

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