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Zombie Speed Run VFX – After Effects Tutorial

In my last YouTube tutorial I showed you how to create the aggressive horror zombie speed run effect from our Zombie Hunter VFX short film.

If you have missed it, you can watch it here:

Zombie Apocalypse After Effects VFX Tutorial – Behind The Scenes

Here is the promised detailed blog tutorial of how I created this zombie effect in Adobe After Effects :)

The Final Effect

As you can see from this frame from our zombie hunter short film, the effect adds a dark, super human speed effect to the zombie.
This helps portrait the zombie WAY more dangerous than your average zombie-shuffle variety :D

Preparing the Footage

We filmed Celina from Fables In Fashion playing the zombie, getting up and racing from side to side through the scene while I slowly follow her movement with my gun, pretending to not be able to keep up with her speed.

We should actually have filmed the scene twice!

  • Once just with Celina in the scene
  • Once just with me in the scene

While it seemed like a good idea at the time, simply speeding up the clip made my movement seem jerky and unnatural. And I wanted my movement to seem natural so that the incredible speed of the zombie seemed super human by contrast.

So I spent a bit of time cleaning up the shot and removing myself from the scene using a clean plate (an image of the scene without anyone in the shot) and some masking :)

Let’s tweak the timing of the footage to give the zombie some more speed!

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