Zombie Speed Run VFX - After Effects Tutorial

Zombie Particles

Lastly, one thing I like to do with almost all my effects, I added some particles to make the final VFX look a bit fuller

In our Zombie Hunter VFX short film I actually used the Particular plug-in by Red Giant, but you don't really need it to create some nice dark floating particles and here is how you can achieve the same effect with the inbuilt CC Particle World effect!

I created a new solid and applied the CC Particle World effect to it.

You can disale the horizon and the grid on the effect as we don't need to see those helpers.

Next, I animated the position of the producer to follow the zombie's movement across the scene. I also animated the birth rate to only emit particles while the zombie was running since I want them to be an effect of the super fast movement.

In the producer options I then changed the shape of the producer to a thin vertical line about the height of Celina so the particles seem to be emitted from her body as she runs

Zombie Hunter VFX Tutorial 16 - CC Particle World Keyframes

Next, I set a few parameters to get nice and dark floating particles

  1. I set the particle to be a Faded Sphere
  2. I set the Birth Colour and the Death Colour to black
  3. I set the Birth Size to about 0.15 and the Death Size to 0
  4. I set the Velocity to 0
  5. I set Inherit Velocity to around 10 (this will fling them in the direction the producer is moving)
  6. I set the Gravity to -0.1. This will make them slowly drift upwards
Zombie Hunter VFX Tutorial 17 - CC Particle World Settings

Now dark particles that drift up slowly and disappear are emitted behind our speed zombie and with that the final effect is completed

Zombie Hunter VFX Tutorial 15 - CC Particle World Animate Path

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! More cool VFX tutorials coming soon


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