3D Integration VFX - After Effects & 3dsMax

Dissolving Celina

I now imported my rendered crows as well as my additional zDepth layer back into After Effects to composite my 3D integration VFX.

The first thing I did was to create an animation where I used the crows layer as a matte to have Celina dissolve as they are being spawned.

Dissolve To Crows VFX Breakdown 12 - Crow Dissolve Matte

I offset this layer in time a little bit from the actual rendered crows so it looked like Celina was breaking up or fraying out as the crows were spawned out of her body.

To increase the effect of crows emerging from Celina, I added another layer of the rendered crows, set it to multiply and again, offset it in time a little bit.

This caused dark crow shadows to appear just before crow shaped pieces disappeared from Celina's body from bottom to top, increasing the impression that the crows were emerging out of her.

Dissolve To Crows VFX Breakdown 13 - Crow Dissolve Matte Additional Shadows

Compositing the rendered crows

Next I simply added the rendered crows layer on top of the dissolving Celina layer. I was quite happy with the result as the transition from crow shadow to fraying out to actual crow seemed nice and seamless

Dissolve To Crows VFX Breakdown 14 - Celina Dissolve With Rendered Crows

Note that I only added the ground in so you guys can see the shadows. In my final crow render, as I mentioned before, only the shadows are rendered in my crows VFX layer

Compositing onto clean plate

I then added Celina onto the clean plate I created earlier. I also added a large, soft shadow under the entire murder of crows because the individual crow shadows didn't seem to darken the ground sufficiently for such a large number of birds!

Dissolve To Crows VFX Breakdown 15 - Celina Dissolve With Rendered Crows Over Clean Plate

I used my zDepth layer to add some depth of field to the crows using the Frischluft Depth of Field plug-in. It basically allows me to use a zDepth layer and determine which depth is in focus and how shallow my depth of field will be

Colour grading and Styling

The final step to a completed 3D integration VFX was to add some colour grading and style to the video.

I wanted to go for a rough, twitchy and disquieting look and so I drained quite a bit of colour, increased the blue, added some scratches & noise and used my favourite Twitch plug-in from VideoCopilot to create twitchy moments in conjunction with some time remapping

Add some music to taste and your 3D integration VFX is complete

Dissolve To Crows VFX Breakdown 16- Colour Graded And Stylised

I am actively working on the first part of my 3D integration VFX tutorial and hope to have it out within a week


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7 Years Ago
December 16, 2012 @ 3:04 pm
Excellent! Great work, and Thank you !
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7 Years Ago
December 16, 2012 @ 10:05 pm
Very nice one special because you combine 3ds max with after effects! Excellent work cant wait to see the tutorial and the progress work.
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7 Years Ago
December 17, 2012 @ 8:16 am
not bad.
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Photographer Guy
7 Years Ago
December 17, 2012 @ 10:21 am
Keep up the good work buddy!!!!!!!!!!

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