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After Effects Camera Tracking – Moving Blood Hit

I have gotten quite a few questions about how I created the blood hit effect from my bullet hit tutorial where the camera pans across the screen as I am being hit.
I actually filmed that scene all by myself so I used a fake camera pan to create the camera movement.
The blood effect itself does not actually move.

However, there is a much easier way to create great looking blood hit effects for shots where your camera is moving in Adobe After Effects :)

How to Make Realistic Looking Blood Hit (Bullet Hit) Effects With A Moving Camera

Let’s assume you took some footage of someone pretending to be hit by a bullet.
If the camera is stationary, it is fairly easy to add some blood splatter stock footage to your scene and, using some masks and different blend modes, create a cool bullet hit VFX.

However, the moment your camera moves during during the shot (pun intended), you can no longer simply place a stock footage element on top of your footage because it won’t follow the movement of the camera.

While you could manually animate the position of your blood hit elements to follow the camera, there is a much easier and more precise way to achieve the same thing in Adobe After Effects: camera tracking!

4 comments for After Effects Camera Tracking – Moving Blood Hit

  1. Where i can find effects you use like blood ?

    • The ones I personally use come from the excellent Action Essentials 2 stock footage pack by Video Copilot. You can find free stock footage on sites like detonationfilms.com or footagecrate.com

  2. hey bro../which website useful to download video footage. ..
    how to split the video from the green screen

  3. also I want to share something Bro
    ………I’m from India
    here people’s have no interested in this activities. They are simply waste the time
    I can’t reach my editing with myself
    I’m eager ,hungry to edit like you. Please help me pro.

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