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How to Remove Black Background From Stock Footage

So you've downloaded some free action stock footage from the web and don't know how to get rid of the solid black background? In this After Effects tutorial I show you 3 simple techniques for getting your action elements cleaned up and ready to use!

Roof Destruction VFX with After Effects and Cinema 4D – Part 1

Who doesn't love destruction VFX? In this tutorial I will show you how to create the effect of someone crashing through the roof using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. In the first part we will set up our footage, green screen a giant to destroy the roof and composite some dust and debris elements into the scene.

How to Avoid Common Green Screen Mistakes

Learn how to avoid the 5 most common green screen mistakes. Working with a green screen can make your life so much better when adding VFX, but it can also make your life a lot harder if you do it incorrectly. This tutorial shows you what (not) to do.