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VIDinc Australia Biggest YouTube Event

VIDinc 2013 – Australia’s Biggest YouTube Event

VIDinc, Australia's biggest YouTube event to date was held in Sydney in August 2013. I fly up from Melbourne to experience the YouTube culture, learn new skills to expand my channel and meet some of YouTube's greatest players!
The Digital Show 2013

The Digital Show – Melbourne 2013

The Digital Show is heralded as the biggest consumer technology event in the southern hemisphere. All about photography and film making with the latest brands, new technology and lots of presentations. Eager to experience it for ourselves, me, Celina, Violet and Jimmy went to check it out.
Tough Mudder Australia

Tough Mudder Experience, Melbourne, Australia

Tough Mudder is advertised as 'Probably The Toughest Event On The Planet'. Well, it's not. Don't get me wrong, it is certainly a dirty, exhausting and fun adventure, but it's far from the grueling military hell that the advertisers are trying to convey. In this blog post I cover my experience doing Tough Mudder down in Australia with my friends!