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Magic Bullet Looks Plugin for Color Correction and Grading – VFX Vlog 16

The two fundamental steps for taking your video from plain to cinematic are colour correction and colour grading. The Magic Bullet Looks plugin allows you to easily set up a colour processing pipeline to perform these steps with ease. It also comes with a large number of great preset looks that you can apply and tweak to your liking.
How to Get That Cinematic Look - Colour Grading

How To Give Your Video A Cinematic Look – Colour Grading

To achieve a cinematic look you take your colour corrected footage and apply all sorts of colour adjustment and creative effects to it. This tutorial takes you through how best to colour grade your footage to achieve that big 'cinematic' look.

How To Give Your Video A Cinematic Look – Colour Correction

There are 2 fundamental post production steps required to give your video that grand, cinematic look. In this tutorial we will look at the first of these steps, colour correction, which concerns itself with fixing up any colour issues with your footage like exposure and white balance.

Shooting Day For Night

Learn how to convert a scene filmed during the day to look like it was shot at night. This technique is very simple but extremely powerful and enables you to create great looking night scenes for your film projects.