Animated Smart Text Boxes for Adobe Premiere Pro

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Free animated text boxes for Adobe Premiere Pro. Fast, customisable, dynamic.
Ever wanted to add some animated text boxes to your video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Now you can create animated tiles and text elements directly in Premiere Pro. However, when you want to customise them or, god forbid, change the text after you created all your keyframes, things can get complicated.

Therefore I've decided to create this pack of 10 smart text boxes. These text boxes are drag-and-drop ready, easy to customise and will automatically fit your text.

How to Use the Smart Text Box Pack?

Here's a video I made explaining how to use the text box assets Just jump to around 3:20!


  • 10 Smart Text Boxes
  • Fully customisable in style, colours, size, font and animation
  • Dynamically fit your text into the size of the text box
  • Provided in Motion Graphics Template (.mogrt) format
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2018, CC 2019 and CC 2020

Note: The CC 2019 / CC 2020 versions of the Smart Text Boxes offer additional customisability. You can change their font and Rate Stretch the layer to your liking without affecting the in- or out animations.


The Smart Text Box pack for Premiere Pro contains 10 different .mogrt Motion Graphics Templates:

  • Fade Text Box
  • Construct Text Box
  • Pop Text Box
  • Pop Horizontal Text Box
  • Pop Vertical Text Box
  • Spin Text Box
  • Swipe In Horizontal Text Box
  • Swipe In Vertical Text Box
  • Glitch Text Box
  • Film Burn Text Box

Help & Contribute

If you have any questions or feedback for me, please get in contact !
This pack is very much a 'work in progress' for me. I am eager to get your feedback so I can make it better, bigger and more useful over time. So don't be shy and let me know your thoughts


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