FujiFilm XF1 Hands On In Depth Review

User avatarFebruary 11, 2014 by Surfaced Studio

Special Photography Modes Of The FujiFilm XF-1

The FujiFilm XF1 comes with a large set of in-camera shooting modes that you can use for creative effect. I had a lot of fun playing around with these to create all sorts of interesting looks. Here is a photo taken with the Dynamic Tone mode which amplifies contrast and gives everything a harsh and gritty look.

For capturing panoramic images, the FujiFilm XF1 can shoot horizontal or vertical panoramas up to 360 degrees. Simply enable panorama mode and follow the camera's instructions to sweep from left to right or from top to bottom through the scene. The XF1 will capture a number of images and then stitch them together automatically in the camera. I was actually impressed by how well this worked. The only artefact that you can see is the doubling up of the people moving through the shot; the rest of the street view is seamlessly stitched together.

Tilt Shift Photography

True tilt shift photography uses a lens that is tilted or shifted off the centre of the sensor in your camera, shifting the plane of focus. The most common effect achieved with this technique is the effect of minification. It looks like the world is a toy world and you are looking down onto it. The reason the world seems minified is because the shifted plane of focus and the shallow depth of field gives the impression that it is a macro shot.

The FujiFilm XF1 includes a Miniature mode that uses post processing to simulate this tilt-shift effect. Out of all the creative modes on the XF1, I used this one the most. It was easy to create cool looking images no matter where I went. Here is one of a yellow bus parked in front of an office complex.

Tilt shift photography works especially well if you can get higher up as it increases the feeling of looking down onto a toy world. I took this one out of one of the skyscrapers in Melbourne CBD.

Even if you're just walking around you can use the Miniature mode to capture some interesting and unusual photos. The shifted focal area leads the viewers eye directly into the centre of the image.

Next, let's look at the RAW capabilities of the FujiFilm XF1.

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Stewart Digance
4 Years Ago
December 17, 2014 @ 4:17 pm

Just wanted to say a great review from somebody that can take a good photo, I'm just waiting delivery of my XF1 and this review has helped outline some very good pointers.

Many thanks

User avatar
Surfaced Studio@ Stewart Digance
4 Years Ago
December 21, 2014 @ 2:36 pm

Thank you very much! Great to hear you found the review helpful!

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