Hello, I am Mark

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Hello I Am Mark

Hello, I am Mark

Created by MarkTereau
1 Year Ago
July 8, 2018 @ 17:11 am

I am interested in a great many things. I really like 3D programs like SolidWorks and FormZ, etc.
I am a sci-fi movie and tv show fan, so I like special effects and After Effects is a great way to get into FX.
I have been a graphic artist at a small print shop for almost 13 years, then I have worked on Illustrated Parts Catalogs for about four years. I have three Associates degrees. First one in graphics technology, second in graphic design, and the third in mechanical engineering technology.
I like to draw. I collect lots of art supplies.
Can someone tell me how to post a Photoshop or PDF file to this forum?

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Hello I Am Mark


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