What is the best or easiest way to mask/blur sensitive data

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What is the best or easiest way to mask/blur sensitive data

Created by Mre
6 Months Ago
January 17, 2020 @ 2:16 pm

Hello Tobias,

I'm using HitFilm Express 13 to edit Loom videos used to demo different software tools for Solopreneurs. I need to be able to hide sensitive information like login credentials, database information, etc. And, depending upon the type of demo, the screen information displayed might move around so it's not necessarily in the same location.

Multiple questions for you:

1) In what sort of situations would the "mask" features (rectangle mask, ellipse mask, freehand mask) work best?

2) In what situations would the "distort" effects work best?

3) Is there a better way to do this? Maybe something like motion tracking (like the video you did with the Poke ball)?

4) What approach would you use in this situation?

P.S. My only experience with this software so far is through your videos. So, please include the "dummies" version of details in your response. ☺️

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