Audio noise reduction

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Audio noise reduction

Created by Euridice
4 Months Ago
April 8, 2020 @ 1:28 pm

Hi, I am just starting to use HitFilm Express, I am not handy with this type of software and have little experience. Your tutorial for beginners have helped me a lot. I am trying to reduce the noise audio and I got the add-on but I simply do not understand from the manual how to use it. The buttons that they mention I cannot see them . . . I already re-started the programme . . . is it too much to ask to make a small video tutorial on how to do that. My brain understands much better if I see how other does it. Hope I am not asking too much . . . Thanks in any case. Eurídice

3 Months Ago
April 18, 2020 @ 0:54 am

Hi Euridice!

Glad to hear you found my beginner tutorial helpful. I can put the tutorial request on my todo list, but I get so many requests all the time I can't promise what I might be able to do (or even when). In the meantime, there seems to be fair bit of information on how to use the audio noise reduction plugin on the official FXHome forums that might be worth checking out!

You need to find a spot with (ONLY) noise first, then select to 'Capture Noise Print' to define what noise 'sounds like'. If you set your playback quality to 'Final' (which will apply all effects) this noise sound should then be removed from your video. This works best for consistent, static noises, not very well for short burst of noise (like people shouting or talking).

I have a tutorial for a similar process in Adobe Audition here - it's a totally different program, but the fundamentals of the technique are similar. It might help


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