I have not received a registration email!

Once you register for my forums, you will receive an email with a link to set your password. This is to prevent spam accounts. Depending on your (and my) mail provider it might take a little bit to receive this registration email.

If you do not receive the email within 2 hours of registering for the forums, please let me know via my contact page .

How Can I Get A Custom Avatar For The Forums

You can associate an image with your email address by using Gravatar . Simply sign in (or up) and upload an image to associate with your email address. That image will then appear on all of your posts within the forums.

Please do not use any inappropriate images as your avatar. If in doubt, ask me first

How Can I Upload Images and Videos?

The forums do not allow users to upload their own files at this time. If you want to share your work or get feedback, you can embed links to images and videos in your posts.

How To Embed an Image

You can link to images anywhere on the internet. Simply use the IMG tag in your reply. E.g.

<img src="{IMAGE URL}">

The image should show inline within your reply. Make sure you link to the URL of the image. If you link to some website (e.g. Imgur, Giphy, etc) that hosts the image, the image will not display in your reply.

How To Embed a Video

At the moment, only videos linked from YouTube will work. Simply enter the full URL of the video in your reply on its own line. E.g.


The video should automatically expand within your reply. Don't use the abbreviated youtu.be version of the link, use the full video URL.

But What About All The Other Files?

At this point, only images and videos can be displayed inline. If you want to share any other files (remember to keep it legal!), upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox or somewhere safe and then insert the link to the file in your reply


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