Best way to create a laser hit?

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Best way to create a laser hit?

Created by Chris_Ae
8 Months Ago
May 8, 2019 @ 10:01 am

Hi Tobias,

I have started a new short and need to have laser blasts hit 'something'. I'm no storyteller and any little video I put together is always just a vehicle for trying some new VFX techniques - meaning, it doesn't really matter what the laser blasts hit since it's all good practice - so long as it looks pretty effective.

Am I right in saying it will be easier to introduce a 3D model (from TurboSquid) rather than try to part destroy a building via background footage? Because that way, a model will have a mesh to manipulate and a 'background plate' won't have, right? The background footage is at a park - so I can introduce an outbuilding 3D model or similar. I hear about fracturing, particles, trapcode etc. What would your approach be on this one, Tobias?

I hope I haven't been too vague here and that you undertsand what I'm trying to convey! I post this because I know you have been inviting questions from video making folk.

Many thanks!


8 Months Ago
May 8, 2019 @ 9:56 pm

Hi Chris,

I hope I am understanding what you are trying to create Just to recap - you want to create a laser blast impact effect within After Effects. Your background footage is a clip of a park and you want to add a building (or similar) to it and have the laser hit that?

Whether you need a 3D object depends a bit on how you want to put it all together. Unless you want to work in 3D (or using a 3D plugin in AE), it might not work any different from just using a green screened clip of a building being destroyed. In the end it's all just a 2D composite and as long as your camera doesn't move 'around' the building, even a 2D image/clip should work fine

In terms of the effects, have a look at the Shatter effects, CC Particle World - or, if you have some money, Trapcode Particular - to create the actual particles Some action stock footage for impacts / shockwaves can also help sell the effect very well without too much effort.

I hope that helps and do let me know if I completely misunderstood what you are trying to create



3 Months Ago
October 14, 2019 @ 10:43 am

Oh, Tobias - I'm so sorry I haven't acknowledged your reply until now. Reckon I must have been waiting for an email saying: 'Tobias (or 'someone') has replied to your post' - which I either didn't receive or was missed. Yes, I should check in more often!

I sort of make up my projects as I go! - owing to having new and better ideas once I get to location or whatnot. With that project it did change from the original idea and I ended up having laser bolts shoot out the window of a 'real' building setting it on fire. I then used fire effects from ActionVFX and smoke via Andrew Kramer.

I really appreciate your reply - the contents very much noted.

Many thanks!



2 Months Ago
October 25, 2019 @ 4:57 am

No worries at all Chris

I am not the fatest at replying either. You should however get notified when someone replies to a topic you started - as long as the little bell icon at the top of the topic is enabled. However, there might still be some issues with this website and I'm trying to get everything sorted out eventually haha!

How did the project turn out? Do you have a video / clips you could share?

Glad it sounds like it all came out well though



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