Best way to create a laser hit?

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Best Way To Create A Laser Hit

Best way to create a laser hit?

Created by Chris_Ae
4 Months Ago
May 8, 2019 @ 3:01 pm

Hi Tobias,

I have started a new short and need to have laser blasts hit 'something'. I'm no storyteller and any little video I put together is always just a vehicle for trying some new VFX techniques - meaning, it doesn't really matter what the laser blasts hit since it's all good practice - so long as it looks pretty effective.

Am I right in saying it will be easier to introduce a 3D model (from TurboSquid) rather than try to part destroy a building via background footage? Because that way, a model will have a mesh to manipulate and a 'background plate' won't have, right? The background footage is at a park - so I can introduce an outbuilding 3D model or similar. I hear about fracturing, particles, trapcode etc. What would your approach be on this one, Tobias?

I hope I haven't been too vague here and that you undertsand what I'm trying to convey! I post this because I know you have been inviting questions from video making folk.

Many thanks!


4 Months Ago
May 8, 2019 @ 14:56 am

Hi Chris,

I hope I am understanding what you are trying to create Just to recap - you want to create a laser blast impact effect within After Effects. Your background footage is a clip of a park and you want to add a building (or similar) to it and have the laser hit that?

Whether you need a 3D object depends a bit on how you want to put it all together. Unless you want to work in 3D (or using a 3D plugin in AE), it might not work any different from just using a green screened clip of a building being destroyed. In the end it's all just a 2D composite and as long as your camera doesn't move 'around' the building, even a 2D image/clip should work fine

In terms of the effects, have a look at the Shatter effects, CC Particle World - or, if you have some money, Trapcode Particular - to create the actual particles Some action stock footage for impacts / shockwaves can also help sell the effect very well without too much effort.

I hope that helps and do let me know if I completely misunderstood what you are trying to create



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Best Way To Create A Laser Hit


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