Track point issues, What have I done wrong?

Track point issues, What have I done wrong?

Created by Pcam86
2 Weeks Ago
July 15, 2020 @ 4:24 am

Hi everyone!

I'm a beginner at slowly trying to learn After Effects and I'm currently attempting to try and edit a little video I'd decided film since I've been stuck at home for so long but i's not going too well.

I'm trying to work out how to start with the effects travelling up my arm and then at the shot pans upwards to then see the lightning effect travel up from my neck to beginnto appear on my face before I turn my head for the effects to continue covering my face. I'm struggling to work out how to set the effects on my neck and one side of my face for when I turn my head because I've tried a few times and the perspective of the effect messes up as my head turns. Does the fact that I've turned my head really make it that much more difficult?

2 Weeks Ago
July 15, 2020 @ 8:38 pm

Hi Pcam86,

That looks like an interesting effect to create with the shot you already have.

The biggest challenge you will face is that due to the rotation of your head you can no longer simply work in 2D as that will look flat and won't follow the movement of your face - and there is no real 'simple' way to get around that.

There are tools you can use to track the movement of your face to attach the lightning effects to such as Mocha Pro (unfortunately you need the paid version for that):

You could also try simply creating your lighting effect layers in 3D within After Effects and animating their movement to follow your face.

Finally, this is the way it's usually done in movies so this is also the most difficult thing to do, you can re-create a 3D model of your head in tools such as Blender (free and I have tutorials for Blender) and animating the effect on the 3D model and then tracking that back onto your head. That can however be quite difficult unless you know how to work with 3D and motion capture and some advanced compositing techniques.

I'd recommend to try using 3D layers in AE first (since you already have AE).

If that doesn't work, check out Mocha as that allows tracking and following faces (even though it's not fully 3D) and if that doesn't work it might be time to get into 3D - or consider reshooting the clip

You can often get away with fudging things in AE and it might take a bit of experimenting to get something you're happy with!

Good luck and feel free to share the final result - or any other questions you may have


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