Request for a Tutorial - Photo Displacement effect

Request for a Tutorial - Photo Displacement effect

Created by KarthikMohan
2 Years Ago
August 16, 2018 @ 2:49 am
Hi Mr.Tobias! Hope this message finds you in good health!

I was hoping that this photo displacement tutorial may be a good Idea! I have managed to achieve this effect, some are good, some..well...not to my expectations

The basic idea here is, take any photo, separate them into various layers based on the distance from the camera,

then have the camera move around in such a way that you get a parallax kind of effect.

Now this parallax is easy to achieve in case of landscape photos, but i have seen other YouTube videos showing the usage of "Depth Maps" to create actual displacement effects and also other effects like using this depth map information to generate Lens Blur effects.

I hope this makes it to your list of to do tutorials, it will really be helpful and fun to do!

Thank You!

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