Learning Nuke

Learning Nuke

Created by Editit
2 Years Ago
July 5, 2018 @ 2:34 pm
Well, since all the posts around here are "registered" stuff -

I guess i started the first real topic.

So im an expert in after effects and wants to go over to Nuke,

Yet didnt find any site that teaches as well. (Of course i want to pay, i didnt meen Free.)

Do you have any recommendation?

I want tutorials based on work (exersises basicly)
2 Years Ago
July 5, 2018 @ 3:39 pm
Option 1 : Nuke 101: Professional Compositing and Visual Effects (2nd Edition)

this book explains anything from scratch. It's project based, which means you'll find a PDF as well as an exercise folder.

It's around 5 Gb. Here's where u can find it if you want to pay :


Option 2 : steve wright at lynda.com (linkedin) explains what happens behind the screens when it comes to nuke.

I learned a lot from him. He makes node based compositing so easy.


You won't find someone that explains nuke on the net like tobias for After effects. However, this website can be useful http://www.nukepedia.com/ . you can find some useful yet not well organised tutorials on the foundry's website https://www.foundry.com/products/nuke/tutorials.
2 Years Ago
July 6, 2018 @ 5:52 pm
Personally, I have only used Nuke a little bit so I might not be the best source of information

One of the training courses that I did and found very helpful was the 'Nuke for After Effects Users' course over on Pluralsight: https://app.pluralsight.com/library/courses/nuke-after-effects-users-2544/table-of-contents

It is very practical, was well structured and did take a good approach to teaching the node-based compositing workflow of Nuke to someone like me who grew up in a layer-based tool.

I am sure there's tons of other great resources (e.g. the ones pointed out by @Adonisserghini).

Do let me know if you find any great ones - it'd be nice to share more info around here!
2 Years Ago
July 8, 2018 @ 7:04 am
I know you wrote that you didn't mean free but this guy is in the industry:
& to join the conversation - it's free


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