Hide and reveal logo at the same time

Hide and reveal logo at the same time

Created by Sander van Pelt
2 Weeks Ago
July 16, 2020 @ 6:38 am

If I want to start with a logo in the colors of the background (Alpha matte of the logo?) and a movie (ink in water as a Luma matte) needs to reveal the real colors of the logo when the ink goes over it, how can I combine these? I can create this compositions both, but I can't combine them. I want to see the shape of the whole logo in the background and real colors.

Like beneath:

First I want to see a white screen with the logo in the colors of ONLY the background, and if the "mask"/ the ink flows above the logo, the colors become visible.

User Image

To make this like above, with a shape as mask, is no problem, but to do this with an ink movie is. Not every part of the logo is hide behind the ink. And some parts of the logo needs to become visible and unvisible every time again, again and again until my intro is finished.

Who can help me with this?


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