frame rate at 24

frame rate at 24

Created by Meodix
4 Months Ago
April 9, 2020 @ 9:19 am


i've produced 240 frames in 3ds Max (under the Film frame rate of 24 fps) , so i expect that once in AE at 24 fps, the clip will last 10 seconds.

But the duration is 8 secs, as if it is still 30 fps, which i usually use.

What did i miss?

Thank you

3 Months Ago
April 18, 2020 @ 0:59 am

Hi Meodix,

When you import an image sequence into After Effects, it will be assumed to run at 30FPS. You can tell After Effects to 'interpret' the footage at any frame rate you want, e.g. 240 FPS, but you have to do that yourself.

Check out this video for how to composite 3D rendered elements into your videos. It's using Blender, but it requires the same process of setting the frame rate for the imported image sequence at about 2m 30s minutes into the video:


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